Texas Sports Services Softball Umpire Equipment and Expertise

Founded in 1978 TSS has the combined experience of over 50 years playing, promoting, organizing, living and breathing softball. And we care about our game!

The company has access to most major manufactures and distributors and we use our position to make sure our prices for softball equipment ranging from player equipment, umpire equipment, training aids and collectibles stay fair and reasonable. TSS is a licensed distributor of ASA and USA Softball merchandise.

Jack Aaron started playing organized softball in 1946. He Served ASA as president from 1993-1994. Jack was the first player representative ever elected to that position. First player rep to become a member of the ASA Executive Board. Former president of the Texas ASA from 1978-1986. Served five consecutive terms as Texas Region vice president. Succeeded W.W. (Bill) Kethan as commissioner of Texas ASA in 1986 and did an outstanding job before becoming executive director of the Texas ASA in 1994. Former sponsor and player. In 1995 Jack was inducted into the National Softball Hall of Fame under the category of Meritorious Service based on his accomplishments and contributions to the game of softball.. Born May 11, 1934 in Stanford, TX. Has lived in Waco, TX since 1941. Jack Continues to server as a Member of the executive board - Texas ASA

Richard Crocker currently serves as the Texas ASA State Umpire Chief. He is a member of the executive board - Texas ASA and a ASA council member serving as an at large player representative. His softball career has included Player and Coach for both Fast Pitch and Slow Pitch. Richard is a ISF Certified Olympic Umpire, a Big 12 Official and continues to serve as an active ASA umpire. He also conducts many Umpire Training Seminars and Development Camps.